This page provides highlights from previous meetings.

3/13/14 In an effort to get caught up with the minutes, we're posting the most recent information about the ratification of the contract for 2014-2015:
On February 25th the executive board met with district administrators to continue discussions over the proposals presented. The proposal on the table at this point was to continue to have discussions about the sweep crew and the custodial job posts, an across the board increase in wages of $0.75. The district came back with a promise to monitor how sweep crew postings and custodial postings were handled and then a $0.40 increase. We countered with the same but $0.50 across the board increase and they agreed. We notified the membership and proceeded with a vote for ratification of the contract and for executive board member openings on Wednesday March 12th at Valley High School between 2:30 and 5pm (at the west entrance near the cafeteria). The executive board is now as follows:

Rebekah Duchesneau - President until August 31, 2015
John Fry - Vice President until August 31, 2016
Wanda Borger - Secretary until August 31, 2016
Rebekah Duchesneau - Treasurer until August 31, 2015

At Large Reps (serving until August 31, 2015) - Cathy Moratz, Susan Lykken, Terrianne Scully

11/11/13 Regular meeting (My internet access has hindered my ability to post meeting minutes. More will be coming soon)
Topics discussed:
Custodian sweep crew issues - sweep crew unfamiliar with buildings, concerns over quality of work.
Consideration of experience to determine starting wage - will be brought up at contract maintenance meeting.
Consideration of years worked part time in determining retirement - will be brought up at contract maintenance meeting.
Upcoming openings on our executive board: some of you know that Marlene and Mark will be retiring at the end of this school year. This will leave our president and vice president positions open.
National ESP Day - candy bars sent out via interdistrict mail. These were dropped off at the LRC for distribution to the schools on 11/11.
ESP Conference - more on this later.
Opportunities for help: if anyone wants to get involved, there are plenty of opportunities to lend a hand. We could use help with communication, especially within departments that have no mailboxes or email (nutrition, custodial, operations, etc).

11/13/13 Contract Maintenance Meeting
Topics discussed:
12 month employee access to vacation days. Issue concerning reserving them in advance of them actually being earned. According to Janelle Green, the confusion over this issue should have been resolved and Kronos should be able to project the earning of vacation days. However, if there are any concerns or questions, be sure to direct them to your supervisor.

Questions regarding whether custodial positions are being filled with sweep crew instead of hiring actual custodians. This was brought to the table and will be looked into. Part of the concern here is that some on sweep crew would actually prefer to be assigned to just one building instead of being on a floating crew.

Questions regarding custodial pay. This is an issue revisited from last year. The district has gathered information from the websites of other districts to help determine if the wages paid to custodians by WDMCS is as competitive as in other districts. They provided a printout of the information which was not all that conclusive. Their findings will be further discussed by our executive board.

Question about how experience is used to determine starting wage. One of our members brought this up during our regular meeting and so we brought it up at the contract maintenance meeting. We were assured that this member's situation will be looked at to determine that every consideration was given when they were hired.

Consideration of years worked part time in determining retirement. This was in regard to an employee who had been with the district for 25 years but 15 of those years were part time and therefore was not eligible for the retirement buyout. We confirmed with the district that this was unfortunately the case...but hey, it never hurts to ask!

Budget reduction process. This issue was brought up by Lisa Remy. Some of you may know that the district needs to cut $3 million (or so) from the budget. Lisa gave us a brief description of the process that would be used to implement changes. From what we can see, it's going to be a lengthy process but so far we can see that compliance with state/federal mandates and contract agreements (WDMEA & WDMESP) are most important (rated as "must have"). Lisa asked that we present the budget cut issue to our members and ask for suggestions for ways that the district can cut the budget. More on this later.

Next Contract Maintenance Meeting = December 18th